Law About Software Registration (UK) For a more comprehensive knowledge

1. Computer Softwares
 Through Law No. 9609 of February 19, 1998, it was established that computer programs "SOFTWARE" would have the legal regime of Copyright Law as a way of protecting the interests of those who develop them.
The National Institute of Industrial Property - INPI, a federal agency linked to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, is the body responsible for the registration of computer programs, in accordance with Decree 2556 of April 20, 1998.

2. What is computer program?
Computer program is the expression of an organized set of natural or coded language instructions, contained in physical support of any nature, of necessary employment in automatic data-processing machines, devices, instruments or peripheral equipment, based on digital or analog technique , to make them function so and for determined ends.

3. What is the validity period of the program?
The period of validity is 50 (fifty) years, counted from January 1st of the year subsequent to the "creation date" of the program, guaranteeing the absolute secrecy of the parts of the program brought to the INPI registry. date of filing the application for registration as the date of the program's creation.

4. Why register the program?
If you register to ensure exclusivity in the production, use and commercialization of a computer program, the interested party must prove the authorship of the same.

5. Mobile App source code
The source code of an app may even be filed in the INPI, but not patented. In practice, this only prevents literal copying of an app. But if someone picks up the idea and reshapes the source code a bit, the original developer can do nothing. "If you use a new code with the same functional diade, it's not a problem".
You live That is: in Brazil, you can not protect against the copy of an idea or concept of an app.

What you can do here is to register trademarks for apps you've created, such as the name and logo. These are the distinguishing signs by which the app will be identified. If the app becomes a public success, it is important to have the brand protected, so you can license it on other products.
An example of mobile success is the game Angry Birds, whose brand and characters have been taken for dolls, shirts, mugs and all kinds of products.
The recommendation is to protect the brand initially only in the main category in which it fits and then, gradually, expand to other categories if it becomes a success.

What should be done?
Register your App and source code (copyrights) outside the Country.
Protect your Brand, Logo in Brazil or another country. We have representatives in the US, UK and Brazil.